Frontend Features

The frontend of SCMS is built on Bootstrap (4.1.3) and uses the jQuery (3.4.1) JavaSript library. Every page is built to the HTML5 standard. Also included is Font Awesome (5.2.0) - an open source Icon Library for nearly every use case.

Whilst this demo website has been left quite bare and minimalistic, the possibilities are endless. Just check out bootsnipp for some great ideas of what you can achieve!

Checkout the following links to discover more about the fantastic libraries SCMS has built in!

Under the hood

SCMS is written in the latest PHP 7.x language and supports MySQL 5.7 or higher as well as MariaDB 10+ engines,

Built for SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Most people who need a content management system aren't thinking about SEO and the chances are they have little understanding of how it works. SCMS was built to bridge that gap.

Every piece of content you create is automatically tagged accordingly taking the effort out of writing your content. You just get to concentrate on writing the best article / page / blog you desire!

And that's just the start..

SCMS is ready to expand when you are. Just speak to one of our team to find out more.